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Using the FIVE STAR PROCESS and his global leadership experience, we apply a unique set of skills to develop outstanding leadership, build a great team and a strong company culture that dramatically improves ROI over the long term.

What we do:

We are business transformation specialists working closely with senior executives and their teams to help achieve positive and dramatic change in company results. Our refined and proven methodology will give any executive the tools and confidence they need to lead a positive change in culture and profitability. Change starts at the top: with you, and with us.


Why Mineola Consulting?

We’re more than just consultants. We’re business transformation specialists. Whether you’re ready to begin your journey or just looking to ask a few questions, feel free to contact us to find out more.

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What People are Saying:


I have known and worked with Jacques since 2000 (when he was President of Garland and I joined him on the SLT at Enodis as MD of Merrychef). I have always found him to be the consummate professional, GM and team player/builder. His strategic viewpoint, keen analytical capabilities, insights into the customer behaviour and the ability to adapt to a changing marketplace helped many (including myself) to become better managers. Jacques is a quick read and particularly skilled in identifying growth opportunities as well as the "pain points" of an organisation. He has hired, coached and mentored some of the most effective managers and VPs in the Foodservice Industry and is quite simply, one of the most likeable business leaders I know


- Graham Veal,  Former V.P., Welbilt


The process helped Ultragaz establish and operationalize a global vision. This process helped us coalesce the executive team around the vision and aggressively champion the implementation through a comprehensive set of actions and measures.


- Paulo Cunha, President and CEO


The [Five Star] Process helped us succeed. No question.


- Graham Veal,  Former V.P., Welbilt


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