Optimization Programs

Systematic and practical guidance designed to address business challenges and effect positive, dramatic change. Achieve the results that you want and need.

We’ll assess your business FROM THE GROUND UP, identifying problem areas and providing tailored solutions.

After completing our Diagnostic Assessment we’ll author a comprehensive report on challenges and identify what we believe is the best way forward. When we zero in on the unique obstacles your business is facing, we will work with you and your team in implementing the business optimization programs listed below:

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5 Star Power Process:

Our signature, step-by-step business transformation process developed from the extensive personal experience of Jacques Seguin and Carl Phillips. Successfully implemented dozens of times across multiple industries and proven to deliver exponential results.

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80/20 Process:

A streamlining transformation process based on understanding where the profit in your business truly lies. We’ll find out which products/services and customer segments really contribute to your bottom line and teach you how to extract even more value out of them.

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Lean Six Sigma:

A proven methodology to eliminate waste and variability in your business and optimize efficiency. After performing a secondary diagnostic assessment we will draft an implementation plan and offer a step-by-step road map for improvement.

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Each of our proven programs are designed with you in the leadership role. We transfer our knowledge so your team can sustain and build on the improvements. We’ll work on-site as needed, provide training and support regular team meetings until we achieve our collective goals.

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The [Five Star] Process helped us succeed. No question.


K. Linn MacDonald
President and CEO, Noranda Forest Inc.
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Achieving Goals

Each of our optimization programs are designed to provide step by step details that are applied in a practical way to ensure your team can implement and execute the change.

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